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Bait and Switch Fishing Bait and Switch Fishing
Date Added : Apr 7
This worm does not want to get caught and is packing heat (Guns & powers). In this fun fishing game use a gun to kill fish that are trying to eat you.

Fishing For The Trophy Fishing For The Trophy
Date Added : Feb 4
Fun fishing sim game with amazing graphics. Fish many locations and for many species. Cast and when you see your bobber goe's under set the hook.

Fishing Panda Fishing Panda
Date Added : Jan 13
Play as a panda in this fun fishing game. Play through waves of fish catching using a vacuum like fishing rod to suck up fish.

Cave Lake Cave Lake
Date Added : Aug 5
Explore Cave fishing in this game. Catch all kinds of Exotic fish species including Peacock bass and catfish in Beautiful caves of the Amazon. Start off fishing one area. The longer you fish, the higher your score will be raised.

Forest Lake Fishing Forest Lake Fishing
Date Added : Apr 6
Nothing like relaxing and fishing in a forest lake, next best thing is this simulator game. The More fish you catch the more fishing locations will open up. You can catch bream, crucian, perch, pike, roach fish. Use different baits to catch different fish.

Hooked: Monster Fishing Hooked: Monster Fishing
Date Added : Feb 16
Fish the Amazon river and other exotic locations. Catch monster fish to earn new levels. Catch different types of fish, from peacock bass to giant Mekong Catfish.

Super Dynamite Fishing Super Dynamite Fishing
Date Added : Jan 8
Blow fish up to score points. The fun Android game is now playable in flash online.

Shark Fishing Shark Fishing
Date Added : Nov 14
Time to go fishing for sharks. Catch as many sharks as you can before time runs out. You can catch Hammerhead, leopard and great white sharks.

Fishing Fever Fishing Fever
Date Added : Oct 10
Catch as many fish as you can before your 5:00 minute time runs out. Cast at the shadows to hook up. You can select many different lures to use in this game.

Lake Fishing: Alpine Pearl Lake Fishing: Alpine Pearl
Date Added : Sep 10
Another awesome Lake fishing adventure. A simulator featuring beautiful nature and sounds of the Alpine forest. In this version you are able to catch fish species such as Fresh water trout, Crappie, Bluegill, Salmon, Grayling and Smallmouth Bass.

Lucky Fisherman Lucky Fisherman
Date Added : Aug 20
Fish for Bass, Carp and catfish in this fun game. You can buy helpful items after each level, but be careful and spend your money wisely as you need a certain amount of money score to advance to the next level.

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